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Approved Final Stormwater Report - Posted 11/24/15 (NEW)

Press Release - Mayor Carol Benson elected Vice Chair of the South County Area Transportation Board - Posted 11/20/15 (NEW)

Christmas Tree lighting with Santa! Flyer - Posted 11/12/15

Share the Joy and Holiday Food Bank donations - Black Diamond Community Center Flyer - Posted 11/12/15

2011-2014 Stormwater, Baseline and Groundwater Monitoring Report - Posted 11/10/15

General Facility Charges (GFC) Attorney Memo - Posted 11/10/15

Fire Ad Hoc Committee Report- Posted 09/18/15

City of Black Diamond Court/Council Chambers has an updated look. Check out the Court page for the new picture - Posted 09/09/15

MPD 2011-2014 Stormwater, Baseline and Groundwater Monitoring - Posted 03/24/15

**Important Business Hour Changes to the Community Development Department - NOTICE - Posted 07-11-14

REMINDER: The City Connection newsletter is available ONLY for online viewing. There will be a very limited amount printed up and distributed to the Police Department, Post Office, Library, Community Center and City Hall. We will no longer provide copies bi-monthly in the utility billing. To view the newsletter, you can visit the Clerks page and click on City Connection from the menu bar or visit the website's homepage and click on "Quicklinks" - Posted 01-03-13

Crime Prevention Tips - Flyer

PLEASE NOTE! You can now view all public notices by clicking on the PUBLIC NOTICES link on the homepage. Here you will find all posted notices and associated material. - Posted 09-05-12

To view Development Agreements and Master Planned Development information and all documents see the DA page or the MPD (Archive) page

To view Public Works project information see the Capital Projects page

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