Chapter 9.42   LIBEL AND SLANDER


9.42.010   Statutes incorporated by reference.

The following statutes regarding libel and slander are incorporated by reference:

RCW 9.58.010 Libel, what constitutes.
RCW 9.58.020 How justified or excused—Malice, when presumed.
RCW 9.58.030 Publication defined.
RCW 9.58.040 Liability of editors and others.
RCW 9.58.050 Report of proceedings privileged.
RCW 9.58.060 Venue punishment restricted.
RCW 9.58.070 Privileged communications.
RCW 9.58.080 Furnishing libelous information.
RCW 9.58.090 Threatening to publish libel.
RCW 9.58.110 Slander of woman.
RCW 9.58.120 Testimony necessary to convict.


(Ord. 645 § 28, 1998)