17.36.010   Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a method for summary approval of lot line adjustments which do not create any additional lot, tract, parcel, site or division, while ensuring that such lot line adjustment satisfies public concerns of health, safety and welfare.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

17.36.020   Written request required.

The lot lines between existing lots may be adjusted by the city upon the written request of the affected property owners.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

17.36.030   Adjustment request contents.

The written request for lot line adjustment shall be accompanied by and shall contain the following:


Prints meeting the following requirements:


Drawn in ink to a scale of not smaller than one inch to one hundred feet on a sheet size of eighteen inches by twenty-four inches;


The proposed lot line adjustment shall show the boundary and dimensions of the existing parcel including its bearings and length of all boundary lines, assessor's parcel number section, township and range, all adjoining public or private roads and identifying names of such, and existing structures, along with the proposed adjustment(s);


A vicinity map, drawn to a scale of four inches represents one mile, of sufficient detail to orient the location of the original parcel;


Name and address of the owner of record of the original parcel and same for all other proposed adjustment parcels, scale of the drawing and north directional arrow;


The proposed lot line adjustment shall identify each parcel of land proposed to be included by numerical designation, dimensions and bearing of each lot boundary line;


Width and location of access to all lot line adjustment parcels proposed;


If needed, space on a second sheet shall be reserved for comments and appropriate signatures;


The form of the lot line adjustment shall be as required by the Survey Recording Act, Chapter 50, Washington Laws of 1973, or as amended;


Location of all public or private utility service lines, including underground telephone lines;


If the proposed lot line adjustment is part of an approved MPD, the proposed lot line adjustment drawing shall show road, trail, utility, and other connections to adjacent MPD properties, as well as adjacent approved MPD land uses; and


All environmentally sensitive areas and their buffers.


An application fee in the amount specified by the city fee schedule.


A title report from a title company authorized to do business in the state of Washington, disclosing all encumbrances against the property and the names of the persons in whom title is vested.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 37, 6-3-2010)

17.36.040   Adjustment request review standard.

The community development director, the public works director, and the fire marshal shall review the proposed lot line adjustment request in accordance with the following standards:


The resulting lots must have dimensions meeting the minimum lot size requirements in effect at the time the request is made for the zone in which each lot is located;


Setbacks in effect at the time the request is made must be met as to all structures upon the lots as they relate to the new lot line;


No lot shall be created which does not have adequate drainage, access to water supply and sanitary sewer disposal, and/or access for vehicles, utilities and fire protection; and


The use of the provisions of this chapter are not being used as a mechanism to avoid the requirements intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare that would have otherwise been required if the property were required to comply with the subdivision or short subdivision requirement.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 38, 6-3-2010)

17.36.050   Approval conditions.

The following shall be required as conditions of approval of a lot line adjustment request:


Payment of all fees owed to the city for its services;


A survey and setting of the corners of the new lot(s) by a professional land surveyor;


Execution of deeds and related documents by the affected landowners and lienholders, on forms provided by the applicant and recorded by the city with King County in order to effectuate the lot line adjustment;


A determination of the identity of affected owners by a title report or other documentation satisfactory to the community development director; and


Such other conditions as may be reasonably necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 39, 6-3-2010)

17.36.060   Approval—Authority—Finalization.


The community development director may approve the lot line adjustment request if it complies with the review criteria.


After approval of any lot line adjustment by the director, the applicant shall have a period of sixty days in which to present to the city the final lot line adjustment on the form required by this chapter, for signature by all appropriate city officials. After the city has returned the duly executed lot line adjustment to the applicant, the applicant shall record the lot line adjustment with the King County recorder's office within thirty days. Failure to present the city with a formal lot line adjustment on the required form or to record the executed lot line adjustment with the County recorder's office within the time limits set forth herein shall render the lot line adjustment approval null and void. No lot line adjustment shall be deemed complete until such time as it is recorded with the King County recorder's office in accordance herewith.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 40, 6-3-2010)

17.36.070   Reserved.

Editor's note— Ord. No. 941, § 41, adopted June 3, 2010, repealed § 17.36.070, which pertained to subdivision of property after lot line adjustment and derived from Ord. No. 780, 2005.

17.36.080   Appeal to hearing examiner.

Within fourteen calendar days following the decision for a proposed lot line adjustment, the applicant may appeal the decision to the hearing examiner. The appeal shall be accomplished by filing of a written request with the community development director for a hearing. The notice of appeal shall briefly specify the issues of the appeal. Decisions not timely appealed are deemed final and conclusive.

(Ord. 857 § 26, 2008)

(Ord. No. 941, § 42, 6-3-2010)