17.15.010   Substantive standards.

The requirements set forth in this chapter are substantive standards that must be met in order for a preliminary plat to be approved. The hearing examiner, in making its decision whether the plat should be approved, approved with conditions, or denied, shall make findings as to each of the approval criteria set forth in this chapter. The hearing examiner's decision shall be final action, unless an appeal is timely filed to the city council.

(Ord. 857 § 18, 2008: Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

17.15.020   Approval criteria.


The following criteria must be met to approve any subdivision. The criteria may be met by conditions imposed by the hearing examiner as conditions of approval:


The proposed subdivision meets all city zoning regulations and is consistent with the city's comprehensive plan maps and policies, and with the Black Diamond design standards and guidelines where applicable;


The proposed subdivision results in a net density that is equal to or less than the allowable maximum density established by the zoning regulations, and is greater than or equal to any applicable minimum density requirement;


The public use and interest is served by the establishment of the subdivision and dedication. In considering this criteria, it shall be determined if appropriate provisions are made for all relevant matters, including, but not limited to, the public health, safety and general welfare, open spaces, storm drainage ways, streets, alleys, other public ways, water supplies, sanitary wastes, parks, playgrounds, sites for schools and school grounds;


The physical characteristics of the proposed subdivision site, as conditioned, do not increase the risk of flood or inundation conditions on- or off-site;


Applicable city development standards are met or exceeded;


All environmental impacts have been addressed consistent with the public health, safety and welfare and city goals and policies;


Concurrency exists for all utilities and transportation system improvements prior to occupancy of any structures;


If the proposal is in an approved MPD, the proposed subdivision shall be consistent with the approved MPD, the MPD conditions of approval, the MPD design standards, and the MPD development agreement;


There shall be connectivity of motorized and nonmotorized transportation routes, open spaces and wildlife corridors with existing or proposed routes or corridors on adjacent properties;


The use of cul-de-sacs and other dead-end streets shall be minimized to the fullest extent possible;


Appropriate provision has been made for the dedication of land to any public body, and provision of public improvements has been made as necessary to serve the subdivision. This shall include appropriate provision for payment of any impact fees imposed in accordance with the provisions of RCW 82.02.050 through 82.02.090, and applicable city codes and regulations. Dedications shall clearly be shown on the final plat;


The streetscape and public open space amenities shall be compatible with any adjacent project that has been developed or approved for development as an MPD;


The proposed subdivision provides safe walking conditions for students who walk to and from school; and


The proposed subdivision provides for tree preservation consistent with the provisions of chapter 19.30.

(Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 10, 6-3-2010)

17.15.030   Site inspection.

A site inspection may be made by the hearing examiner in order to assist the hearing examiner in reviewing the proposed subdivision. When making a site inspection, the hearing examiner may not engage in communications with opponents or proponents with respect to the proposed subdivision.

(Ord. 857 § 19, 2008: Ord. 780 § 2 Exh. 1 (part), 2005)

(Ord. No. 941, § 11, 6-3-2010)