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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
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  Ordinance No. 18-1100

an ordinance of the city council of the city of black diamond, king county, washington, amending chapter 10.40 of the black diamond municipal code to add offense of unlawful intersection avoidance.

  Ordinance No. 18-1099 Regarding illicit discharges into the City's stormwater drainage system or creeks, lakes, wetlands and waterways, and amending Black Diamond Muncipal Code Sections 14.04.005 and 14.04.390; providing for severavility; and establishing an effective date  
  Ordinance No. 18-1098 Granting to Astound Broadband, LLC, a limited liability company, a nonexclusive telecommunications franchise to install, construct, maintain, repair, and operate a telecommunications system within the public rights of way; providing for severability; and establishing an effective date